2018 Round 1 Sprint Hero Racing Race Report

Courtesy of Dirt Bike Magazine

JAN 07, 2018

The first ever Sprint Hero Enduro saw two days of intense racing at Glen Helen Raceway this weekend. At the end of 14 special tests, 3 Bros/STI Husqvarna rider Zach Bell was the overall winner thanks to his perfect sweep of day two. Zach came into the day behind Honda rider Justin Jones, who had very good scores in the enduro-oriented sections on day one. But Bell learned quickly, improving his times with every effort. He won by 25 seconds when it was all over, with Gas Gas rider Travis Coy third.

Dirt Bike Race Report Round 1 2018 Sprint Hero Racing

WORCS director Sean Reddish came up with the idea of a west coast Sprint Enduro series after visiting one round of the Kenda Full Gas Sprint Enduro series back east. He brought the format out west, giving full credit to the Full Gas organizers. This season, part of the proceeds will go to the DA8 Strong Foundation. He also used former WORCS Champion Robby Bell for help in construction the course, which consisted of two separate loops; one enduro based and the other MX oriented. The riders started off each day with a single loop of the enduro section, departing in 20 second intervals. They rode that section twice more, with a short break between each run. Then they switched to the MX loop, which was run three times in the same fashion. At the start of each of these tests, the riders were queued up according to their times from the previous test, with faster riders up front. Despite it being a completely unfamiliar format to most of the riders, they seemed to under stand immediately what was going on and what to do.

Each day started off started off with a Youth Program. That was highlighted by an impressive race match up between Honda mounted Wyatt Cameron and TM rider Bradley East–Cameron came out on top. The first test of the Adult show had an unexpected twist. Ty Tremaine had the best score on an Alta Redshift electric bike. Tremaine will be riding the Alta in EuduroCross this year and was experimenting to see what else the bike was capable of doing. Unfortunately, the whole program is so new that the details of trackside recharging haven’t quite been worked out, so Ty was forced to deal with dwindling power reserves for the rest of the day. Jones was second ahead of Bell in that test, but all of the remaining tests for the weekend were won by Jones or Bell.

Eventually, Tremaine retired and that left third place up for grabs. Some riders favored the enduro tests and other excelled in the MX tests. Travis Coy and Vet A rider Brad Goolsby were outstanding on the enduro loop, while Cole Shondeck was up front in the MX sections. Kacy Martinez was also fast on the enduro loop, usually finishing in the top 10. As it turned out, the Enduro section was longer, and that was the deciding factor. Coy finished third in the end with ISDE rider Nick Stover in fourth and Shondeck fifth. Both Nic Garvin and Brandon Krause returned from injury, finishing sixth and seventh, respectively. Goolsby was the first non-pro in eighth and Martinez was top woman in 16th. For results and more info on Sprint Hero Racing, click here.

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This is a quick demo of how the @sprintheroracing work. I had a little fun with my kids legos. @rmatvmc @fmflild @fmf73 @da8strong



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January 6-7, 2018 at Glen Helen Raceway.

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Don’t forget, part of all race entry proceeds go to help the DA8 Strong Foundation. Be a hero. Race.

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Sprint Hero Racing Featured Header DA8 Strong Announcement

BE A HERO. RACE. LOGOBeing a Sprint Hero means helping out others so we partnered with Destry Abbott’s new foundation DA8 Strong.

A portion of each entry will go to the DA8 Strong Foundation. “Improving the quality of life for cancer patients and their families.”




The DA8 Strong Foundation Story:

DA8 STRONG FOUNDATIONDA8 Strong, a 501(c)3 non profit cancer foundation, was created after my wife and I were both diagnosed with cancer in 2016. As you can imagine, it was a major shock for both of us and had a huge impact on our quality of life. Cancer honestly enters your life like a whirlwind and everything “normal” that previously existed in your life gets pushed to the side due to treatments, money, time, and illness. However due to our amazing family, friends and the motorcycle community we were actually given back our quality of life through donations, meal deliveries, transportation assistance, house cleaning, recreation, making sure our kids had food/groceries, etc. We were truly blessed with everyone’s support and it made us realize that not everyone dealing with cancer is as lucky. Knowing what a huge impact this support had on our battle with cancer, we wanted to pay it forward and help other cancer patients reclaim their quality of life!



DA8 Strong’s mission is to improve the quality of life for cancer patients and their families through charitable support, recreation and services.


meal delivery
household bills
handyman services
house cleaning
transportation assistance
family recreation
youth recreation
youth & family sx/mx experience (semi tours, track walk, meet the team, tickets, etc)
youth & family pro sport experience
mini vacations
& more…


Visit the DA8 Strong website for more information. Click here!


Race entry cost for both days of racing including transponder.
No membership is required at all. No day pass fees at all.
Youth $80
Adult $90
Pro $100
Site lap is $10.
Park fees are $10 per person/day and camping is $10 per day if you stay overnight.



Sprint Hero Racing Featured Header Schedule


January 6-7 / Glen Helen Raceway – Devore, CA

March 10-11 / Iron Mine Racepark – Cedar City, UT

April 14-15 / Canyon MX – Peoria, AZ


2018 Sprint Hero Enduro Racing Series Schedule

Sprint Hero Racing Featured Header - FAQ

Sprint Hero Enduro Racing Series FAQs

Q: What is it?
A: Basically we take about 6 miles of the most fun sections of motocross, single track and sand sections that event location has to offer and make separate and full length loops out of them. You are racing against the clock, not head to head like normal.

Q: How does it work?
A: You will line up individually at the start line and take off. 30 seconds later another racer takes off. You go as fast as you can for the entire race loop until you come through the finish line. Then you take a break and wait for your turn to go again. The racer in each class that has the lowest total time on course over the two days is the winner.

Q: Who can do it?
A: Anyone. You don’t have to be in great shape for this format. The longest you will ride at full speed is about 10 minutes. We think you can do that. There is an old saying…”I may not be as good as I once was but I am as good once as I ever was!”

Q: What is the cost?
A: For two days of racing it cost $90 which includes your transponder. There is gate fees at each track which should run $10 per person per day and camping is charged if you decide to camp. You don’t have to race both days but to earn points for the race weekend you will need to race both days.

Q: Is it fun?
A: Oh heck ya. You get to ride hard for short times and bench race in between and tell stories of how fast you are. Just remember, the clock does not lie.

Q: Do I have to keep my own time?
A: Nope, since you are issued a transponder by us it will keep track of your total track time. It starts your timing when you leave the start line and stops it when you come through the finish.

Q: Is there Special Test?
A: No, each time you leave the start line you pin it to win it.

Q: How do I find out more info?
A: Go to SprintHeroRacing.com or shoot us an email at info @ offroadsportsllc . com

See rule book for complete rules and regulations.

Q: What classes will be available?


Class Displacement
Pro 122cc-Open
Open A 251cc and over 2-Stroke or 4-Stroke
Lites A 122cc-250cc 2-Stroke or 4-Stroke
Vet A 30+ 122cc-Open
40+ A 122cc-Open
50+ A 122cc-Open
Open B 251cc and over 2-Stroke or 4-Stroke
Lites B 122cc-250cc 2-Stroke or 4-Stroke
Vet B 30+ 122cc-Open
40+B 122cc-Open
50+B 122cc-Open
Open C 251cc and over 2-Stroke or 4-Stroke
Lites C 122cc-250cc 2-Stroke or 4-Stroke
60+ 122cc-Open
Women 122cc-Open
50+C 122cc-Open
40+C 122cc-Open
Juniors 12-17 100cc-200cc
Youth Classes
Supermini 12-15 79-112cc 2-Stroke; 75-150cc 4-Stroke Max. Wheels: Front 19″; Rear 16″. Big wheel and small wheel models permitted.
85cc 12-15 79-85cc 2-Stroke; 75-150cc 4-Stroke Max. Wheels: Front 17″; Rear 14″. Small wheel models only.
85cc 7-11 79-85cc 2-Stroke. Wheels: Front 17″; Rear 14″. Small wheel models only.
65cc 7-11 65cc 2-Stroke Max. Wheels: Front 14″; Rear 12”

Age Requirements

Youth Bike 7 65/85cc 2-Stk
12 150cc 4-Stk
Amateur Bike 12 250cc
14 450cc


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